Mission 42
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Upcoming Events

Mon Jul 66:00PM Mission's Prayer
Wed Jul 8No Mid-Week Svc.
Thu Jul 9Missionary Ikerd
Fri Jul 10Family Fellowship @6PM
Sat Jul 119:30 AM Girl's Club
Sun Jul 12ALI Week
Mon Jul 136:00PM Ladies Prayer

Service Schedule

Spread It

Let your friends know, take a screen shot thenshare it onInstagram, Twitter,Facebook it, text and email this thingeverywhere. The biblestands for BasicInstructions Before Leaving Earth. We’veheard it over and overbut have they?  NO.  Is it important?  Yes. Let those hurting people in the worldknow they don’thave to be indarkness any longer. Get a passion in your heartthat burns likea wild fire.Let’s set this world a flame with a desire to go toheaven. Ourgovernment isclosing down, terrorists are coming up everywhere… ifthere wasever a time forrevival it’s now. Tell the world that they need toknow God astheir father tomake Heaven their eternal home!

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