Mission 42
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Upcoming Events

Wed Sep 37:00PM Mid Week Bible Study
Fri Sep 5Family Fellowship @6PM
Sat Sep 6Back to School Rally, New Britain @ 5PM
Sat Sep 6Hyphen Seminar
Sun Sep 7Sunday Services 10:00AM & 6:00PM
Mon Sep 8Ladies Tea 6PM

Service Schedule

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Let your friends know, take a screen shot then share it on Instagram, Twitter,Facebook it, text and email this thing everywhere. The bible stands for BasicInstructions Before Leaving Earth. We’ve heard it over and over but have they?NO. Is it important? Yes. Let those hurting people in the world know they don’thave to be in darkness any longer. Get a passion in your heart that burns likea wild fire. Let’s set this world a flame with a desire to go to heaven. Ourgovernment is closing down, terrorists are coming up everywhere… if there wasever a time for revival it’s now. Tell the world that they need to know God astheir father to make Heaven their eternal home!

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