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At Calvary we believe in investing in our future. Every Sunday our kids from ages four to eleven meet for Sunday school class where they learn about Jesus. Here we will help them develop a meaningful relationship with Him that will carry them into youth age.

Impact Youth

Impact Youth provides classes Sunday mornings beginning at 10am as well as additional events one Friday every month for youth ages twelve to eighteen. There are additional district wide events that we encourage our young people to attend to meet others from all around the state of Connecticut. We believe it is important to invest in our youth as they are our future. Our purpose is to help them develop a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ that will sustain them into their adult years as they try and navigate life.


Music Ministry coordinates musicians, and singers to bring a greater awareness of God and His presence to our services.


Our ladies meet on the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm to learn, pray, and encourage one another as we strive to become the women God created us to be.


The men from our church meet on the fourth Monday of every month at 6:30pm for a time of learning, prayer, and encouragement for men to step up in our generation and be the leaders God has ordained them to be.


Missions is a ministry of giving: giving of ourselves to prayer for missionaries around the world as well as here in our own nation. Giving our finances to help fund the calling God has commissioned them with. Finally, giving our time to uplift missionaries with encouraging communication.

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